Self Credit Check

Here is what I've sent people in the past looking to check their own credit.

Free Annual Credit Report - I have used this personally and recommend it for checking your credit file on an annual basis. Both this option and My Fico listed below allow you, as the consumer, to view your credit report without it being treated like a credit inquiry. This site does not Sell you your credit score. There is no true way I have found to get you credit score for free without some kind of catch…
To purchase go to and click on the products tab. They offer several different services. To get just one of your scores you can use FICO® Standard for $19.95. The "FICO® Kit Platinum" will give you the report detail from each of the 3 credit bureaus along with each credit score and is listed at the price of $49.95. With the promo code below it could only cost $39.96… if the code is still active?